About Soham

selfieI comprehended my fervour for Photography a couple of years back and from then onwards I have nurtured my zeal by rigidly working on it so as to enhance my skill of portraying my thoughts through my frames.

Street Photography and Portraiture are my genre.

I love to depict the vivacity and exuberance as well as the agony of life for life never fails to surprise us with its exquisite sentiments, emotions, expressions, moods, reactions and situations. I feel deeply contented when I am able to seize life with its joy and sorrow, its beauty and ugliness through my camera. Photography for me is something more than a mere hobby, it is a serene experience, it gives me a profound sense of tranquillity even though I am in the middle of the bustling life trying to freeze some moments through my lens.

Madly and deeply in love with Street Photography…..Give me a camera and put me on the street…..i will be the happiest person in the world !!